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Use Our Pink Lemonade Scrub For the Softest Skin Ever

Use Our Pink Lemonade Scrub For the Softest Skin Ever

  • Alicia Bean

At first glance, body scrubs are nothing more than a refreshing addition to your regular routine.

They smell good, give you a nice, gentle exfoliation, and are an amazing addition to a luxury full body skin care routine.

As a matter of fact we like to tell our customers that our scrubs are more than a "take it or leave it" product to just add to your shower routine every now and then.

In fact, our scrubs are one of the few secret weapons to achieving ultimate healing and revitalization for your skin.

They help your creams and lotions better moisturize and hydrate your body by getting rid of layers of dead skin, they effectively treat cellulite, and they brighten and rehydrate dull, dry skin.

Needless to say, our scrubs are the truth and that's why our customers love them!

If you're looking for an all-natural body scrub that'll help you achieve the softest skin you've ever had, Oh So Sweet Scrubs' Refreshing Pink Lemonade Body Sugar Scrub is the way to go.

It's made with lemon zest and coconut oil which leaves your skin feeling soft, vibrant, and fresh morning, noon, and night. The best part? It has some truly incredible benefits: 

  • Great for brightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation on knees, elbows, and other areas of concern
  • Treats razor bumps and blackheads.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs from developing.
  • The sugar effectively exfoliates without being too rough or abrasive on skin.

How To Use Our Pink Lemonade Body Scrub

pink lemonade scrub

First and foremost, body scrub is fairly easy to use and doesn't require much effort or finesse. However, there are a few things you should do to get the most out of our scrub!

1. It would do your skin absolutely no favors to begin scrubbing while dry, so wet your whole body or just your focus area with warm water.

2. Take a generous amount of the Refreshing Pink Lemonade Body Scrub and begin rubbing in circular motions.

3. Be careful not to get any water in the scrub's container, as that creates an environment for unhealthy bacteria. 

4. If you're doing a full-body scrub, start from your feet and eventually work your way up to your neck. Rub gently and firmly, so that you get all the benefits but none of the roughness.

5. Rinse thoroughly and then pat your skin until it's damp or dry. Apply one of your favorite lotions or body butters to maximize the effect of the scrub!

Our body scrub contains pure cane sugar, extra virgin coconut oil, lemon essential oil, fresh lemon zest, and pink mica colorant which makes it a favorite for our customers who prefer an all-natural alternative to what is on the market.

What our customer are saying:


I received my Refreshing Pink Lemonade Body Sugar Scrub this weekend and I'm already obsessed with it!

The smell is so delicious - like lemonade angel food cake - and it works so well, my skin was baby-soft after using it.
I am always searching for perfect scrubs and am thrilled I finally found one!


You can tell that this product is very finely milled - the abrasiveness it quite calming and I love the way my hands feel after I use this.
It leaves them silky smooth. This has to be my favorite scent. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try out one of these scrubs.

We are having a sale!

If you're interested in treating your skin to this level of luxury, you're in luck because in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oh So Sweet Scrubs is having a sale!

Our Refreshing Pink Lemonade Body Scrub is currently on sale for $12.00 until October 31, 2020, and a percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity of their choice at the end of the month.

In addition to the Pink Lemonade Scrub, add our Strawberry Delight Body Scrub and our Rose Petal Orange Body scrub to your cart as well.
All of our products make great stocking stuffers for the holidays or just something to add to your selfcare routine.

Head over to our website and get everything you need for soft, glowing skin, and support a good cause as well. 
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